The cooala social hub helps you build your own community!

The first social tool that makes brand websites really social, engaging and beautiful.
100% responsive, 100% captivating, 100% owned.

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Don’t waste your time on Facebook

Take back control and make your web site the center
of your social media with the cooala Social Hub.

You drive away valuable traffic from your web site by linking to Facebook. You don’t own your fans on social networks.  And your organic reach of 2-10% is poor. Build a strong community on your web site and use social networks to drive traffic to you.
Facebook Users interested in Brands (1) 23%
Facebook Teens Interested in Brands (2) 6%
Facebook Average Organic Reach (3) 2%
Email Average Organic Reach (4) 94%
1 IBM, From social media to Social CRM, 2011
2 Forrester, 2011
Ogilvy, Facebook Zero, 2014 and Forrester, 2014
Mailchimp, Email Marketing Benchmarks, 2014
Website - the social hub

The best social features – all in one place

We have created features and widgets that really engage with your audience and drive value for your business.

Beautiful content

Publish your content in the art of social media, but with more design and layout options than on any other social network.

Valuable interaction

Engage in a more playful but structured way to generate real data using polls, scales, quizzes, brainstormings and more.

Curate great content

Take charge of your content by connecting with third party blogs or your social network profiles. Make your content more credible.

Reach and nurture fans

Stay in direct contact with your subscribers using a fully automated newsletters. Keep the dialogue alive.

Post tailored content

Dialogue with selected audiences on content that really matters to them. Create exclusivity for customers and ambassadors.

Fully responsive

Create a fully responsive social media hub with ease. In your web site, standalone or for other applications.

Get more traffic

Promote your content on Facebook, Twitter or native advertising networks to extend your reach and retain them on your hub.

Grow your audience

Enhance your reach and relevance with co-placement of your brand with other brands. Our app for brand lovers.
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Manage with ease

 Publish, curate, customize and learn.

What do you want to achieve?

cooala offers you a wide range of possibilities.

Enhance your Web Site

Convert visitors into ambassadors.
Simply embed the hub on your homepage and engage with your visitors more deeply. Or create your own social destination like

Effective Campaigning

One destination for all your campaigns.
You and your customers don’t have to start from zero every time. Your new campaign is more effective because you are in contact on a regular basis already.

Attract new customers

State-of-the-art content marketing.
A hub is great for search engine optimization and drives value to customers. Replace long, boring blogs with more engaging posts and curated third party content.

I’m sold! Get me this cooala Social Hub.

Small Biz**

  • Unlimited publishing with a great set of publishing options(*), scheduling and curating
  • Simple custom design, fully mobile responsive.
  • Automated Newsletter
  • Performance Analytics
  • Online Support


  • Unlimited publishing with a great set of publishing options(*), scheduling and curating
  • Simple custom design and custom tabs, fully mobile responsive.
  • Automated Newsletter
  • Performance Analytics
  • Online Support and
    1h Consulting for setup


  • + all publishing options incl. all future features
  • + Full custom CSS design
  • + Custom Domains like or
  • +custom tracking tags like Google etc.
  • + Senior Strategist during setup and operations, 1h each month
Planing a campaign? Ask us for our one time campaign fees.
* Content Post, Video Post, Poll, Slider, Instagram Post, Facebook Post
** Super small budget? We love to help you with a super duper special price of our premium tool for Startups, not older than 2 years and funding < $2m or small businesses under 10 employees.

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